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Jachtwerf Gebr. de Kloet BV in Kortenhoef, near Hilversum, has a well established-reputation in the Dutch yachtbuilding industry. Since 1959 the yard is building GRP yachts like the well-known Fellowships, Midgets, Sailhorse and Efsix.
We have stopped the production of the Fellowships and Sailhorses.

The yard is a small, but all-round family firm, active in new-building, reparation and maintenance as well as in stainless steel processing. In addition the yard offers winterstorage and is also carrying out roadtransport of yachts.

The yard is building in accordance with the CE regulations and is laying the emphasis on quality, flexibility, customer-satisfaction and after-sale service. Yachts are "semi-custom"built, which means that almost all personal wishes can be realised. Only first class materials are used. Stainless steel parts and fittings are largely made in own premises, which contributes to the quality and exclusivity of the delivered products.

Year by year a Midget sailing yacht turned out to be an investment of value. But the excellent sailing qualities designate this type of yacht above all as a desirable property.

Some striking qualities:

* Safe and calm sail behavior

Also due to the ballast part of 44 % a Midget is stable in the water and behaves itself, even on rough water, not nervous. This very large ballast part contributes to a high safety as well. So the necessity of reefing down will not happen easily

* Large sailing area

With the standard mast height even the Midget 31 is able to pass under the main bridges near the IJsselmeer and the Zeelandbridge, which means easily sailing on the IJsselmeer and the water of Zeeland without the necessity of lowering the mast for a bridge. Due to the small draft (Midget 26: 1,25 m, M31: 1,35 m) even a great part of Friesland belongs to the sailing area. In case the option of a lowering mast has been chosen, it is even possible to sail by engine across the French canals in the direction to the Mediterranean. But the largest sailing area still remains the sea where this long keel boats feel entirely at home for making long-continued sailing trips, something that a lot of Midget owners who went before you did, even at rough weather.

* Other advantages

A lot of space/freedom of movement on a ship of this length Cosy interior with a high level of workmanship Due to the big windows of safety-glass that, (in contrast to plastic windows) stays year by year good transparent and take care for a bright interior, which make people do not feel shut up in the cabin. A lot of individual desires can be fulfilled (furnishing interior, engine, colours, rigging and so on). In short: let us produce your ship to your individual desires.

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