buiskapframe met handgreep
Sprayhood with stainless steel frame and grip
ankerhouder met opstap teak
Stainless steel step up with Anchor-hanging
Kitchen railing
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As we are constantly improving our products, a lot of accessories were developed in the course of time which are largely standard today. Almost all parts of new and used yachts, which were built on our premises, can be manufactured or ordered, such as:

  • Stainless steel extension of the stemhead fitting with integrated plough anchor stowage and bow roller
  • Stainless steel septictank
  • Mastlowering device
  • Stainless steel sprayhoodframe with handrail, etc.

All these parts can be purchased separately. Each owner has the possibility to improve the equipment or the comfort of his own yacht. Some adjustments can only be carried out on the yard.

2 zitjes in achterhek
2 zitjes in achterhek
2 Seats in stern pulpit
Fitted railing stainless steel
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